Sealing Products – PTFE Seals, Spring Energised Seals, Hydraulic Seals, etc.

Choosing the right seals for your requirements can be complex and difficult due to the technical nature of sealing solutions and the many available options. Size, material and temperature resistance are just some of the considerations when making your choice.

This section is aimed at helping you to better understand the options available to you in selecting the correct sealing solutions.

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Spring Energised Seals

Probably the most versatile seal you will ever encounter, developed for use in extreme temperatures and vastly differing environments. Spring energised seals are used throughout the food processing (sometimes silicone filled to stop bug traps or food ingress), offshore oil and gas and general engineering industry.

The seals are made in house from specially blended compounds (we have over 30 of these) and if necessary will produce one to suit your particular application.

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PTFE Seals

Sealing elements have a decisive influence on the design, function and service life of hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders and systems.

This applies equally to the piston rod seals where leak tightness, resistance to wear and gap extrusion, resistance to process media, resistance to high and low temperatures, low friction, compact form and simple installation are demanded in order to meet the requirements of industry for a functional sealing solution. The significance of these parameters and their limits is generally dependent on the requirements of the specific application.

CDK has a complete range of seals which, due to their optimized geometries and designs and the use of high quality materials satisfy the technical and economic demands of the industry in full.

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Marlon Linear Bearing Material

Marlon products are a special range of flourocarbon compounds (flouropolymers) whose specially-developed fillers give a much more efficient performance than any traditional P.T.F.E (polyteraflouroethylene) filled materials as regards wear and friction characteristics.

Bearing Tape

Guide Tape or Bearing Strip is an important component in a hydraulic cylinder where it stabilizes and reduces vertical movements of the rod.

The arising side loads that the PTFE Guide Tape has to withstand can be significant, but the deformation of the PTFE Guide Tape is not permanent.

It is requested to be durable, non-elastic and to have a very low friction. Compared to metal guides the PTFE Guide Tape offer much longer service life and better sealing abilities.

From a lubrication point of view, the self-lubricating PTFE Guide Tape exceed the metal guide.

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