Rotary Seals

Rotary Seals are capable of sealing between a rotating shaft and an outer surface making them an integral part of any rotating application.

It is important to select a rotary seal with a long life and that is easy to replace.

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O Ring Energised Seals

CDK Engineering supply a number of O Ring Energised Rotary Seals including: –

  • TurnRing Type 2571
  • TurnRing Type 2572

Spring Energised Seals

CDK Engineering supply a number of Spring Energised Rotary Seals including: –

  • MupuSeal Type 3031
  • MupuSeal Type 3032
CDK Seals - Spring Energised Seals

Machined Seals

As well as supplying Rod Seals from some of the world’s top manufacturers, CDK Engineering is now able to produce machined rotary seals.

This means we can reduce the cost of supplying seals to you, savings that we are happy to pass on to our customers.

All of our machined seals are produced to the recognised industry standards.

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