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CDK Seals specialise in the manufacture & supply of PTFE seals.

PTFE Seals – Improving Performance

Hydraulic applications are challenging for Seals.

Not only must the hydraulic seals prevent leakage of fluid from the Cylinder, but hydraulic seals must also withstand high pressures, extreme temperatures and transverse forces within the cylinder.

In such applications, the function of Hydraulic Seals goes far beyond preventing fluid leakage.

Performance and Durability

Hydraulic systems are sealed using a combination of specialised seals.

Rod seals prevent leakage of fluid from within the cylinder to the outside while hydraulic piston seals prevent fluid from flowing across the cylinder head.

This allows pressure build up on one side of the piston, making the Cylinder extend or retract. Wear rings guide the piston and piston rod within the hydraulic cylinder, absorbing transverse forces, preventing metal-to-metal contact. Scrapers or Wipers scrape dirt, foreign particles, chips or moisture from the piston rods as they retract into the cylinder, preventing contamination.

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Hydraulic systems are usually sealed with a complex configuration of high performance seals. Our Hydraulic Seal products range includes O-Rings and a number of innovative Seals designed for applications in hydraulic cylinders, such as the spring-energized MuPuseal and O-Ring engergized Slipring.

CDK offers a wide range of seals that provide the ultimate in leakage control. Our proprietary seal designs meet users’ requirements for low friction, compact form and simple installation.

Our seals are usually manufactured in our Kefloy PTFE material specially engineered for fluid power applications, these compounds include Blended Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) seals, Ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) and many more,which provide exceptional resistance to wear and outstanding extrusion properties.

Compatible with virtually all media, they demonstrate unrivalled performance at extremes of temperature.

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