Precision Engineering

Our 5-Step Process

CDK Seals follows a step by step process to ensure high quality!

Our 5-step process is as follows:

  1. Design: Typically a client will send in drawing files and we will work from that file. However, we are more than happy to support our clients in the design process.
  2. Machining: We are able to machine in ALL materials including: Bronze, aluminium, alloy steel and stainless steel.
  3. Finishing: At CDK Seals we polish to 0.2Ra finish and use a number of different, high quality finishing techniques, such as bead blasting.
  4. Quality Control: Thanks to our CMM Machines that measure to 10 microns we are confident in our Quality control!
  5. Delivery: We’re proud to offer excellent delivery services UK wide!
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Precision Engineering for Defense & Aerospace Industries

CDK Seals are proud to be able to manufacture to aerospace & defense standards.

  • Aerospace Sector: We can produce a number of components for the aerospace sector whilst working to the official standards and requirements of our clients!
  • Defence Sector: We’re proud to manufacture precise components for the defence sector, this can be for the assistance of small arms, communication parts and more!

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Airplane on the runway for Aerospace industry.

CNC Turning

CNC Turning is a precise method of machining allowing us to create custom parts & products using a lathe.

Thanks to modern day technology and skilled operators, components can be created to exact tolerances and in a variety of different shapes including:

  • Grooved
  • Curved
  • Straight

At CDK Seals we are able to work with a number of different materials to manufacture components to suit your requirements!

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Plating & Heat Treatment

Sometimes manufactured parts & components will need further treatment to ensure they are durable and efficient for their purpose! Processes we follow to ensure this include:

  • Heat Treatment: The most common heat treatment is the process of heating and then promptly cooling the component in order for it to develop a harder surface. However, there are many different heat treatment processes.
  • Plating: Some components may require plating to increase resistance from corrosion and other forms of wear and tear! Typically we will use chrome or other forms of materials!
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CDK Seals are able to undertake a variety of different Finishing processes, one of which includes Bead Blasting.

Bead blasting is a metal surface finishing treatment that results in clean, bright finish on complex shapes. This type of finish is more aesthetically pleasing than other processes.

Another finishing technique that we can offer includes shot blasting. This technique can be used on a range of different components whether they’re newly fabricated or require restoration!

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