Piston Seals

Piston seals are used in hydraulic cylinders to prevent fluid from flowing through the system.

This helps to maintain the pressure allowing the cylinder to extend and retract.

Piston Seals are often made from PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) and are specially manufactured to deal with high levels of pressure.

CDK Seals Products - Piston Seals

O Ring Energised Seals

CDK Engineering supply a wide range of O Ring Energised Piston Seals including: –

  • SlipRing Type 2522
  • SlipRing Type 2612
  • SlipRing Type 2532
  • Sharp Seal Type 2512
  • B-X Seal Type 2602
  • OX-Seal Type 2604
  • O-Cap Type 2542
  • O-CAP Type 2544
  • O-Cap Type 2546
  • O-Cap Type 2556
  • SlipRing Type 2534
  • C-Cap Type 2608
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Spring Energised Seals

CDK Engineering supply a number of Spring Energised Piston Seals including: –

  • MupuSeal Type 3042 + Type 3044
  • MupuSeal Type 3062 + 3064
CDK Seals Products - Piston Seals

Machined Seals

As well as supplying Seals from some of the world’s top manufacturers, CDK Engineering is now able to produce machined piston seals.

This means we can reduce the cost of supplying seals to you, savings that we are happy to pass on to our customers.

All of our machined seals are produced to the recognised industry standards.

Please call 01935 706820 for more detail on our machined seals.

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