Mechanical Seals

CDK has an extensive range of direct replacement seal designs to suit all types of pumps.

We have worked hard to listen to our customers needs and through our central depot in Sheffield we offer over £1 million of stock.

We are currently looking at tailoring our local stock so please let us know your requirements.

CDK supply a substantial range of cost effective and reliable water pump seals, that are commonly utilised in high volume commercial, domestic and industrial water systems.

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These seal types generally serve applications such as:

  • domestic and municipal swimming pools
  • spa pools
  • shower pumps
  • central heating systems
  • irrigation and light fluid duties

With over twenty years of research and development in this field, CDK have designed a wide range of high quality elastomers and superior seal face materials.

A combination of Carbon and Ceramic purity quality will increase reliability, capability, performance and life.

CDK Seals - Products - Mechanical Seals in the factory
Key Advantages of Mechanical Seals versus Gland Packing
ProblemMechanical Seal BenefitsGland Packing Weaknesses
LeakageExtremely small or noneCertain leakage is necessary to avoid seizure
LifeLong with appropriate design and hard faces available for strenuous processingComparatively short as it wears and periodical tightening is always required
Wear of shaft and SleaveSpring loading ensures faces in contact if faces wearPeriodical tightening required and must be replaced if wear of shaft or sleeve becomes excessive
Power LossSmall as friction areas are coefficient and small (Energy Saving Type)Big as friction areas and coefficient area are large
Operating Range inc pressureApplicable widely with appropriate materials and designLimited application due to keeping leakage small
CostRunning cost is low as maintenance is not necessaryRunning cost is high due to necessary maintenance

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