Types of Hydraulic Seals

  • Static Seals;

      • O-Rings
      • D-Rings
      • Back-up Rings
      • Cover Seals
      • Gaskets
  • Dynamic Seals – Dynamic seals are used when axial or radial movement is required under pressure.

  • Guide Rings – Guide rings prevent metal-to-metal contact between axial and rotational components and the risk of damage from side loading as well as any contaminants reaching the components.

  • Rod Seals – Rod seals are exposed to movement on the inner diameter along the shaft

  • Piston Seals – Piston Seals are exposed to movement on the outer diameter along the tube or bore preventing fluids from flowing across the cylinder head and pressure building up

  • Rotary Seals – Rotary seals are used in components with rotating parts to prevent the leakage of lubrication fluids while preventing entrance of foreign bodies or liquids.

  • Scrapers & Wipers – Scrapers and wipers are components which prevent the build up of dirt, foreign particles and moisture from the piston rods by scraping or wiping it away.

  • Oil Seals – Oil Seals seal spindles and shafts preventing leakage between the shaft and housing. ­­­­­­­­­­

Hydraulic Seals

Benefits of Choosing Hydraulic Seals over Pneumatic Seals

There are many benefits to choosing Hydraulic Seals over Pneumatic seals.

These benefits include;

  • Efficiency
  • Smooth movements
  • High weight bearing ability
  • Economic choice
  • Self-lubricating and cooling
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Hydraulic Seals

What to Consider

What to Consider when choosing hydraulic cylinders

  • Capacity
  • Stroking Distance
  • Speed and tolerance
  • Temperature
  • Mounting Style – Pivot, fixed or offset pivot.
  • Bore size of cylinder in relation to operating pressure
  • Choosing the most appropriate seal
Hydraulic Seals

Seal Kits for Hydraulic Seals

CDK offer a seal kitting service for hydraulic cylinder manufacturers and repairers. We specify the required seals and create seal kits made to our customers’ requirements.

Hydraulic applications can be challenging for seals. Not only must the hydraulic seals completely prevent leakage of fluid from the cylinder, but they must also withstand high pressures, extreme temperatures and transverse forces within the cylinder. Hydraulic Seals go far beyond preventing fluid leakage.

Piston Seals or Piston Rings are used in hydraulic cylinders for fluid sealing. They are internal to the cylinder head and seal against the cylinder bore, preventing fluid flow. This allows pressure build up on one side of the piston, making the cylinder extend or retract.

Rod seals prevent leakage of fluid from within the cylinder. Wear rings guide the piston and piston rod within the hydraulic cylinder, absorbing transverse forces, preventing metal-to-metal contact. Scrapers or wipers scrape dirt, foreign particles, chips or moisture from the piston rods as they retract into the cylinder.

We hold stock to cut down breakdown and turnaround times saving you both time and money. We also deal with all major seal manufacturers thus reducing the workload of already over stretched purchasing departments.

Hydraulic Seals

Why Choose CDK for your Hydraulic Seals Solutions

We work closely with each client to learn about their specific requirements offering advice and guidance on the most suited solution for each application.

We offer a wide range of hydraulic seals designed to suit the cylinder working pressures, always taking the speeds, operating temperature and application into account.

The material we choose for each hydraulic seal is determined by the operating requirements of each application.

Fluid type, pressure, temperature requirements, speed of movement, environmental conditions chemical contact and many more factors are considered when choosing the most suited material.

Call us today to discuss your requirements. Our team of specialists is always happy to help.

Hydraulic Seals

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